Blink 180 Too, the kings of crappy punk rock! We aim for the highest levels of authenticity and to make sure that we bring the fun of Blink-182 to the stage. We’ve honed our look and sound to get as close to the real Blink-182 as possible to deliver the genuine southern california pop-punk experience.


Blink 180 Too pay tribute to the most famous Blink-182 line-up of founding members Tom DeLonge (Stuart Robinson), Mark Hoppus (Dan Coughlan) and the second drummer the band had, Travis Barker (James Schofield). We play all the hits from across the decades of Blink-182 spanning all the various line-ups but we focus on the most recognisable sound and image of the band which is the early 2000’s.


Blink 180 Too are based in the home counties and have a long history of live performance. Stu (Tom DeLonge) has been playing in various original, covers, solo and tribute bands spanning 18 years of shows. James (Travis Barker) is a professional musician and a multi-instrumentalist with years of performance experience. Dan (Mark Hoppus) is the consummate professional, a long reputation of playing great live shows, having played covers and original bands Dan always brings the energy and the style.


Do you like sweat on your floor, ceilings and customers, then we are the Blink-182 tribute act for you!? Blink 180 Too are high energy from beginning to end and play the very best of the kings of pop punk.